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Milwaukee Miniature Motors Show

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The Milwaukee Miniature Motors show was first started way back in the mid 1970’s by Mike Dunn. It has been held all these years in many locations throughout the Milwaukee area.

Currently, it is being held at the Waukesha Expo Center in Waukesha WI.
It is by far one of the continuously longest running shows of it’s type in the entire Midwest !

I personally started my own collection of toys by visiting it frequently as a teenager, and never stopped. OMG look at me now, I’m in charge of it ! What have I gotten myself into ?

You will find this show offers “the best of what’s available out there”
offered by veteran and novice collectors as well. Come join us at our next event you’ll be glad you did. Always an exciting experience.

Every time you visit you just never know what you’ll find !

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